Vegas Interior Design

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Avant-garde Opulence

House Type 3 Storey Corner Terrace
Design Concept Modern Contemporary
Area Size 3,000 sqft
Renovation Cost S$72,000
Renovation Duration 2 months


This innovative home was designed with the concept of practical living meeting aesthetic design, to creative a progressive yet livable home. A modern home that brings to mind images of Hollywood homes, this house is luxuriously decorated while still keeping a simple feel to it. The cement screed flooring in the living, dining and kitchen area adds a touch of rustic to the overall avant-garde flair. The matt flooring also contrasts beautifully with the high gloss wall surfaces of the room as well as complements the straight lines of the entertainment console. The whole house has an open concept to it, creating an image of spaciousness and openness in this chic home.


  • The patio is a relaxing, receiving area with its surrounding lush greens and comfortable wooden furnitures.
  • The hallway is elegantly apportioned from the living room by rich wood partitions.
  • The royal purple contemporary sofa offers a quirky twist to the black and white dichotomy.
  • Open concept kitchen is funtional and great for entertaining guest.
  • The dining area is characterized by modern designs and asymmetrical pieces, which offers a comfortable dining experience.
  • A second living space offers the same contemporary comfort and sleek furnitures, without compromising functionality.
  • The decadence of the bedroom is highlighted by the deep red curtains and posh ceiling lights.
  • The modern and spunky bathroom does not lose its elegance with the apt use of black and white.