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House Type Mega Showroom
Design Concept
Area Size 5000 sq.ft.
Renovation Cost
Renovation Duration 10 weeks


Size does matter especially when it comes to interior space. 3D Innovate is making a statement with this massive 5000 sq ft mega showroom. Designed using clear glass for their shopfront, it is bound to make curious eyes wonder about the possibilities of interior design beyond their doors. From a luxury to a minimalist space, one can be sure to find s style of their preference.


  • 3D Innovate‚Äôs use of glass opens up the already wide 5000 sq ft space certainly leaves one awestruck.
  • A lush space can be remodelled by using dark wall features and complementary wood flooring. This design though simple, it gives a sense of modern chic.
  • The same modern chic space has an all see through open concept bathroom. Usage of the same color scheme and granite unifies the two spaces together, creating a unique flow.
  • Light beech wood is used a major texture in this simple contemporary bedroom. The use of simple furniture and subtle lighting gives the room a slight Asian flair.
  • Off white is the main color scheme for this contemporary living space. With a unique built in tv console and storage area, it makes a comfortable and welcoming living environment.
  • Wood treatment always makes a space more welcoming. The use of subdue red and blue seating creates a relaxed atmosphere, great for long chats.
  • When modern meet futuristic style, this kitchen is what you get. Clean lines and a bulkhead to accommodate the light fixtures at the kitchen island, it will delight seekers of the sleek style.
  • The lighting is the main focal point of this living space. The uniqdesign of the bulkhead makes the space not only wide but gives an added height as well. The designer complements the space with oversized seating.
  • Wood is the main texture in this space. The designer creates a flow by using wood treatment as a ceiling feature. To balance it out, complementary colors are added to give a pop of color.

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HDB New Flat from :$9,388
HDB Resale Flat from :$16,888
Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms :$12,888.