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BLK 133 Bedok Res Rd

House Type 4-Room HDB
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 900 sq.ft.
Renovation Cost $40,000
Renovation Duration 5 weeks


The epitome of modern contemporary design is clearly illustrated in this home's design. The design is simple and features minimal accesories. Using unembellished as well as straight lines are an integral part of this home's design.

Walls are coloured cream or white in colour to to create a neat and comfortable atmostphere but yet retaining its elegance. Furnitures are cleverly raised from the floor to create an airy and open atmosphere.

Lots of reflective surfaces, glass, mirrors and stainless steel degins are being used to bring about the contemporary side of this home. This is clearly evident from the cabinet laminates, glass dining tables, kitchen tops and many other areas.

Bedrooms and study rooms adopts a much more minimalist design, making them clutter free, providing freedom of space and movement. Using warm lightings and color tones, a warm, cozy and comfortable environment is created for everyone who enters, creating a perfect place for them to work or rest.


  • Upon entereing, one is greeted by the unique partition which seperates the entrace with the corridor.
  • Living area is “doubled” with the use of mirrors lining the dining area wall. Thus, creating an optical illusion of added space.
  • Full length cabinets are used in this spacious kitchen, providing a platform for decorative kitchen ware as well as storage space.
  • Marble tabletop in the kitchen makes cleaning a breeze, adding a touch of classiness at the same time.
  • From the floor tiles to wall tiles, to the sink, straight taut lines are being used to create a cohesive design in the washroom.
  • Warm relaxing ambient lightings creates a private santuary for one to retreat and escape from the stresses of the outside world.
  • The bedrooms features minimal furniture, making it clutter-free and easy to move around. A well placed floor rug adds a touch of personality and energy.