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Exquisite Splendor

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This beautiful home uses the simple colors like white and cream and straight line designs to bring about a fuss free minimalist but yet exquisite feel to the home. Living space is also being optimised with the use of multi-functional designs and decoratives. The careful choice of lightings brightens up this home to create a relaxing and lively environment.


  • The use of square shaped spot-lights not only brightens up the living room but is also consistent with the home's theme of using straight lines and shapes.
  • The full lenght display cabinet serves as a partition to the living and dining area and is also a platform for home owners to display decorations or objects that hold many precious memories of theirs.
  • Using a full length wall mirror further illuminates the dining area and at the same time creates an illusion of spaciousness, making the home seem bigger than it actually is.
  • Once again the square form white theme of this home is evident in the usage of white colors and the square ceiling lights which bathes the room with a warm romantic and relaxing ambient light.