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Chic & Classic

House Type 3 bedroom Elias Road, Oasis Condo
Design Concept Modern Contempory
Area Size -
Renovation Cost $25k
Renovation Duration 1 month


The use of black and white theme in this home gives it a very classy and modern feel. The designer careful choice of reflective cabinet laminates and mirrors on walls not only gives this home an illusion of added space but also adds a contemporary feel to it.

This home is basking in warm and comfortable ambient lighting with the recessed ceiling lightings and strategically placed spotlights.

Each room is uniquely designed with different type of furniture, cabinets and lightings to give them its own speciality and character.


  • L-shaped sofa maximises space for smaller living rooms. A mirror which runs across the whole lenght of the feature wall brings a unique and quirky touch to the living room
  • The living room and dining area is seperated by a full lenght see through cabinet. This allows for an unblocked view of the whole dining and living area upon entering the home.
  • Instead of the usual dining table and chairs, a bench runs across the full length of the dining room wall ensuring that you will never run out of sitting space even when you have guests over.
  • The choice of yellow and black colour brings life into this room for its young owner. Wall mounted cabinets saves space but yet is able to fufil its purpose of storing items and displaying collectables.
  • Pink colour and the beatifully designed ceiling is the dream room of every young girl.