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Dare to be Different

House Type 3 bedroom condo nuovo
Design Concept Modern Classical
Area Size -
Renovation Cost -
Renovation Duration 6 weeks


Red is a colour that you would not usually see in the living room of a home. But the home owners dared to be different and was rewarded with very pleasant results. You can be sure that your guests will be wowed when they step into this home with its bold and daring use of colours and designs.

Funk and class is carefully balanced in this home's design with the perfectly chosen furniture and designs. With such a beautiful home, you can be sure its owners cant wait to return home everyday.


  • A uniquely designed feature wall and the hanging chandelier brings about a touch of class and elegance to this home. Red carpet in the living area further accentuates the home owners daring and bold side.
  • The dining and kitchen area is seperated by a sliding glass door which allows for a clear view from both outside and inside the kitchen.
  • The coushin of the dining area bench is not only just simply red by is accompanied by white and black lines which are the colours of this dining area. A full lenght and height book shelf is also installed above the bench for extra storage space without the need for extra floor space.
  • Bright colours are also used in the child's room but in a calm and peaceful manner as compared to the bold and daring living room area.
  • An assortment of glass cabinets completes the wall of the masterbed room. The home owners precious collection of watches and jewelleries resides in this glass haven.
  • Red color is once again evident in the master bedroom. The pairing of red with black, white and grey brings an elegant and classy feel to this bedroom. Twin hanging lamps by the bedsides not only serves as ambient lighting but task lighting as well.