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Modern Elegence

House Type 3 bedroom condo, Balmoral Road, Belmond Green (Condo)
Design Concept Modern Contempory
Area Size -
Renovation Cost $45k
Renovation Duration 6 weeks


Neatness and tidiness is the hallmark of this home. From television console to computer desks, everything is cleverly hidden with cabinets making this home much neater and tidier.

The choice of earth colors gives this home a very warm and relaxing feel very much alike those of beach resorts but at the same time the choice of furnitures and home design retains the class and elegance that was intended for the home by the designers.


  • Full length windows coupled along with down lights illuminates the living room and bathes it with a calm and soothing ambient light.
  • Instead of the usual wall mounted television along with a television console, the television is cleverly hidden in this full length cabinet.
  • Extra display space is added with this television cabinet and warm lighting is shone onto the reflective marble flooring to create a different kind of viewing experience.
  • A mirror is placed behind the dining area to give this space added lighting and at the same time making the home look bigger than it actually is.
  • Glossy surfaces make cleaning a breeze. A glass panel is also installed on the kitchen wall to once again allow for easy cleaning but also enables one to write down notes, memos or dining menus.
  • The innovative idea of hiding the computer desk in a cabinet together with the wardrobe saves space and makes this bedroom much neater and tidier.