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The Minimalist Home

House Type Bungalow
Design Concept Minimalist
Area Size 4,000 sq.ft.
Renovation Cost $400,000
Renovation Duration 7 months


As the name implies, this design is customised for the ones who likes to keep their homes simple, clean and clutter free. From the exterior, the minimalist character of the house immediately sets itself apart from it neighbours with is clean unadorned facade with only strips of concrete added for texture to the appropriate walls when needed.

The finishes in the house are kept at dull tones of grey and white. Within the house, a courtyard is carved out for views into a small garden from various sections of the house.

Perhaps the most extensively designed space in this bungalow is the romantic lounge which is set in a dark mysterious background. The use of warmer materials, like timber, and bolder tones of red are used to create the ideal environment to relax and rest. The lounge is a promising setting for entertainment and hosting.


  • The white square box stands out from the adjacent properties with its minimalistic geometric form.
  • The dining room looks out into courtyard garden for a more pleasing dining experience.
  • The owners very own romantic lounge to entertainment and host parties.
  • The poolside is separated from the pouch by a drop in level.
  • A lap pool runs from the front pouch to into the courtyard creating change in environment for the user.