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Organic Nature

House Type Condominium
Design Concept Organic Nature
Area Size 1,500 sq. ft.
Renovation Cost $70,000
Renovation Duration 8 weeks


Imagine going home to an island resort everyday designed for relaxation, enjoyment and comfort. This design could be your dream-come-true with the various efforts to defy the mundane geometric concrete home box, transforming it into an exotic, calming and delightful home.

In this design, nature is represented by the use of organic materials and organic forms. This is evident in the feature lounge where timber, marble and stone finishes are juxtaposed in coherence to create an atmosphere of a nature environment. The feature curved ceiling light plane reflects the narrow strip of curved parquet flooring enhancing the organic form details.

Another highlight of the apartment is the kitchen where an organic kitchen set clad in timber provides a desirable cooking and dining experience. This pseudo natural setting would see no more takeaways as the alluring kitchen attracts its users effortlessly.


  • The ceiling light is a reflection of the curvy thin strip of timber parquet to enhance the organic form.
  • The wide white 10 seater sofa is specially chosen to accentuate the spacious room.
  • The Kitchen package is clad with timber to create an atmosphere of cooking and dining in the midst of nature.
  • The sand-like carpet and the whiteness of the master bedroom is an interpretation of a being in beach.
  • The master bathroom uses black marble tiles and gray tone stripes finish creating a cave-like setting.