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Modern Japanese

House Type 4 Bedroom Condominium
Design Concept Modern
Area Size 1,200 sq. ft.
Renovation Cost $50,000
Renovation Duration 6 weeks


If you are a fan of Japan culture, this apartment would be the ideal solution to your perfect home. The design is an interpretation of a modern Japanese home where the use of platforms and frames to define spaces set out the main characteristics.

The living room is defined by a curve wall panel which extends over to the ceiling creating a unique space to live and relax. The highlight of the apartment is the trendy dining area adjacent to the living room which is framed by a lighted platform and a curved ceiling light panel. The chic dining space could double up as a dance floor with the brilliant lightings and wall mirrors.

The Master bedroom is a closer resemblance of a traditional Japanese house with the feature timber walls and a mattress laid directly on a platform.


  • Shift the dining table aside and the lighted platform would serve well as a dance floor.
  • The Living room is framed by a curved feature wall that extends over the ceiling.
  • The feature wall panel also frames the dining room when viewing from the living room.
  • The dining room, well, defined by the lighted platform and the mirror panels, creates a pleasurable dining experience.
  • Closer to a traditional Japanese home setting is the Master bedroom, where the bed lies directly on a platform and sits in front of a timber wall panel.