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Unfolding bold Planes

House Type Studio Apartment
Design Concept Modern
Area Size 520 sq.ft.
Renovation Cost $40,000
Renovation Duration 6 weeks


In this outrageous design, the use of black planes warp the space creating a whimsical environment to live, work and play. The black planes can be seen unfolding magically from the ceiling to define spaces and forming furnitures. The beauty of the planes is that it is not simply for aesthetics purposes but creates functional yet beautiful daily objects. This is evident in the dining room as a set of folding planes hang from the wall to create a series of dynamic dining chairs. From the ceiling, another plane detaches itself to create a storage and display space.

The master bedroom is made more spacious by an open-concept bathroom. The bathroom is framed by a folding partition which doubles up as a dressing table and hand basin. The whimsical aesthetic is pushed further by creating an illusion of floating furniture which have minimum ground contact.


  • The bed sits on a black support which is resided and hidden from view to give an illusion of a floating bed.
  • The open concept master bathroom is defined by a black folding partition which also serve as a dressing table.
  • The dining room features a masterpiece of an unfolding dinning set.
  • The planes unfolds from the ceililng to provide addtitional storage space and hangs from the walls to serve as seats.
  • Most furniture have minimum contact with the ground to enhance the magical atmosphere and create lightness and spaciousness.