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White, Red, Black

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This design uses white as the dominating colour complemented with small details of red and black to create a futuristic yet sophisticated atmosphere. As one steps into the apartment, the screaming bright white and lack of colours transport one into a different dimension, truly a home of his own.

The dining room sets out a whimsical backdrop for the entire apartment allowing one to retreat into his own fairyland. Yet as one moves deeper into the apartment, more warmth and comfort is created using red details and more colours.

One distinct feature of the apartment is the use of a glass panel that separates living room from the bedroom. The space is immediately widened with the absence of an opaque barrier. The design also plays with an optical illusion of a mirrored space due to the similarity in the living room and the television corner, thus confusing the users.


  • The pure white finishes and furniture create a whimsical setting perfect for a candle light dinner.
  • The black floor finish in the kitchen defines the space and amplified the white furniture.
  • The living room and the tv corner in the bedroom almost mirror each other giving an illusion or a pseudo space.
  • The television hangs on a rotating panel for viewing in both the bedroom and tv corner.
  • The walk-in wardrobe serves a transition space from the bedroom to the bathroom.
  • The bathroom uses modern black tiles and finishes for a couture look.