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Red Classic

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Red, a charming colour of romance, elegance and vibrance, yet, can end up in a disaster when misused and treated inappropriately. However, as simple as it is, the trick to using red in homes is to insert small details of red furnishing, furniture and even daily household objects to embellish your homes. In this design, we challenge the versatility of red by pairing it with different material finishes to create various atmospheres.

In the living area, the red carpet lay on the parquet platform like a bed of flower petals to exude romance and warmth. This is complemented by crystal chandeliers and vases of red flowers on the dining table and cabinet tops.

In the kitchen the modern, reflective red panels on the kitchen shelves is paired with the porcelain counter tops to create a simple yet vibrant kitchen.

Within the bathrooms little red details bring out the elegance in the often, mundane and overlooked daily space.


  • Romance is the living room is brought out by the red carpet and chandeliers.
  • The continuous stretch of red from the kitchen to the dining room creates a visual illusion of a continuous space from thus widening rooms.
  • The simple kitchen is adorned by its own reflection by the reflective kitchen shelves, counter tops and refrigerator.
  • A red towel immediately adds elegance to the earth tones.
  • The master bathroom is fixed with a luxurious shower set against a flank of red mosaic tiles.
  • A simple red detail creates a mysterious feel to the dull bathroom.