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Classic Fabulous

House Type Commercial
Design Concept -
Area Size -
Renovation Cost -
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Commercial spaces are quite tricky to design. Every angle, every corner, every element must be in accord with the shop's main motif. Add to that, the space must possess a certain degree of allure to entice its target customers to browse through its racks.

Image Creative Design's expertise in designing commercial spaces is evident in this Calvin Klein Jeans outlet. Note the door less entryway. On a practical sense, this allows shoppers to gain easy access to the shop. On the aesthetic side of the scale, it also gives the outlet an open, welcoming quality about it. Quite effectively, larger than life posters of models donning their clothing double as promotion materials for the brand.

Meanwhile, glassless, open display counters give shoppers leeway to actually touch and admire the shop's merchandises. Racks are arranged open and far apart. Lighting is kept homey and warm. The use of natural wood and glossy surfaces accentuate the shop's modern vibe.


  • It’s all about the brand. Contemporary designs for a modern brand.
  • The shop’s open concept allows customers easy access to the store.
  • Larger than life posters of models are enormous promotion ploys on their own.
  • The merchandises are displayed and available for customers to touch, view, scrutinize and fit.
  • Warm, subtle overhead lights give the store a homey air.