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Of Dusks in Cote d'Azure

House Type Landed
Design Concept Modern Contemporary
Area Size 4500 sq ft
Renovation Cost S$900,000
Renovation Duration 9 months


Once in a while, we come across homes so well-designed, well-thought-out and incredibly ingenious that we can’t help but enjoy the seconds when we bask in the magnificence of its architectural splendour. This exquisite home is one prime example of the clever fusion of art and functionality, yielding an out-of-the-ordinary end result.

For homeowners who love entertaining guests, the breadth of the walkway is just perfect for easy chats and mingling around. To set the tone, the designers whipped up a cosy, albeit largely Zen, ambience that is accentuated by the two strategically-placed sofas and glossy natural wood flooring. The tranquility and Zen air of the exterior flows effortlessly into the reception area unobstructed. The open-air theme of this home works to maximum effect, creating a relaxing impression all throughout.

Natural elements such as wood have been infused into the living room, creating a homey inflection to the ultra-modern textures and furnishings. Meanwhile, the dining area is made primarily modern. The large windows, draped with sheer curtains make the room seem remarkably bigger and fresh. Meanwhile, a high-gloss counter both serves as a preparation counter and a breakfast nook.

The house is full of surprises and the nifty addition of glass flooring right below the bedroom is one of them. The bathrooms are kept pristine and contemporary. Large bathtubs are specially installed to allow the homeowners to unwind after a long day away from their abode. A Zen-inspired bathroom at the ground level speaks volumes about the homeowners’ preferences to keep the designs close to nature. A large overhead shower and the use of transparent glass partitions make the space as modern as it could get.

And all the opulence is centered on this purple-themed master’s bedroom. With furniture and textures fit for royalty, the master’s bedroom has cleverly-hidden wardrobes, coated in mirror to keep the space tidy. Plush cushioned headboard and an intricate lamp adds grandeur, complementing the luxurious bed and rug. Although seemingly disparate from the home’s main motif, the master’s bedroom somehow works – and it works perfectly well.


  • The blend of natural wood, lush garden and water is reminiscent of romantic dusks in Cote d’Azure.
  • The surrounding glass walls give the area an impression of tranquil spaciousness.
  • The use mirrors for the partition allows the areas to be delineated without reducing space.
  • Pristine glossy stairs and glass flooring allows light to pass through each nook and cranny.
  • With an ambience fit for royalty, the intricate overhead lamp is this room’s crowning glory.
  • A large bathtub perfectly caps off the homeowners’ daily dose of relaxation.
  • Adding plants to the bathroom is good feng shui, as it gives off a sense of serenity.