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A Medley of Smooth Artistry

House Type HDB
Design Concept Modern Contemporary
Area Size 1500 sq ft
Renovation Cost S$70,000
Renovation Duration 8 Weeks


Aptly illustrating their ability to produce majestic end-results out of traditionally mundane elements, Image Creative design thrives on the use of grays, circles and mirrors to produce this charming, albeit subtly subdued HDB home.

In the living area, white is interspersed with gray and black to create classic, timeless look. To add a dash of contemporary charm, a spherical center table, a round rug and a circular lamp are used all together to accentuate the outline of the curved corner sofa. The walls are kept clean. Meanwhile, the dark horizontal lines along the feature wall add breadth to the space.

The same artistry extends to the dining area. One would immediately be in awe of the simple structural genius displayed by the designers which is vividly portrayed by the fusion of three key design elements: the floor-to-ceiling wall mirrors, the exquisite chandelier, the perfectly juxtaposed dining room table and the ceiling mirror.

Although less intricate, the kitchen remains modern, fully-functional and spacious enough to prepare meals in.

The sleek neutral hues and smooth fusion of various design elements are manifested delicately in all the bedrooms. Vibrant touches of drama are brought on by deliberate lighting, carefully-selected textures, interesting wall panels and wide mirrors.

From wall to ceiling, corner to corner, this well-planned home certainly speaks volumes about its owners' sophisticated tastes and the designers ingenuity.


  • The interesting play of curves & circles give this contemporary living room an interesting twist.
  • Sleek designs, light hues and glossy surfaces allow for the kitchen area's easy upkeep.
  • Large mirrors, whether on the ceiling or on the walls, add remarkable breadth to the space.
  • Anything but drab. Neutral palettes exude a soothing appeal when paired with proper lighting.
  • Here, mirrors play a major part in visually broadening space and amplifying the room's lighting.
  • Wall prints, when used with the right palettes, can make a room extraordinary.