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House Type Condo 3 Bedrooms
Design Concept Elegance
Area Size 1,200 sq ft
Renovation Cost $60,000
Renovation Duration 10 weeks


Even with the limited space of a condominium, a modern and lavish home with a central focus on contemporary elegance can be created with the right touches of colours, textures, furnishings and d├ęcor. The striped walls in rich hues of browns in the living room area creates a luxurious and cosy backdrop while the use of shiny, glossy textures for the television console, dining and coffee tables in dark, bold colours adds a vibrant update. Stylish and modern furnishings like the quilted sofa, cushions with artsy floral motifs, interesting lamps and lightings, the fringed curtains that separate the living room and the dining area and the built-in fish tank adds chic touches of detail to complete the look. The kitchen area is a workspace where cleanliness and simplicity works well and this area is kept sleek and modern in mainly glossy white and black. The bedroom and study area is efficiently segregated with a bookshelf which also adds a touch of colour to the room while the bedroom area features an interesting contrast of stripes and polka dots and a warm crystal chandelier lighting with a contemporary vibe without being overwhelming on the senses. Space is maximized with an open concept wardrobe leading to an open concept bathroom with a clean and simple design, which is both intimate and comfortable. The end result is a modern, stylish and elegant home that is cosy and comfortable for its inhabitants as well as a lovely space to entertain guests in.


  • Glossy surfaces in bold, bright colours and stylish, modern furnishings completes the contemporary elegant look.
  • A backdrop of stripes in rich browns gives the living and dining area a luxurious and cosy ambience.
  • The bedroom features an interesting and contempory contrast of stripes, polka dots and warm crystal lighting without being overwhelming on the senses.
  • The kitchen area is kept clean and modern with a glossy white and black colour theme and simple lines.
  • Space is smartly utilised with an open concept wardrobe and bathroom that is both intimate and comfortable.

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