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Urban Calm

House Type Esthetics Spa
Design Concept Urban Calm
Area Size 2,000 sq ft
Renovation Cost S$250,000
Renovation Duration 12 weeks


A professional and striking colour theme of red, black and neutrals is chosen for this spa and aesthetic clinic with warm, cosy furnishings of dark brown or wood, creating an atmosphere of comfort and ease for clients. The waiting area is wide and spacious with a grand and welcoming reception area and front desk, created by a smart use of colours and rounded border carpeting design. Simple, sharp lines are key to creating a neat and professional vibe in the area. The aesthetic clinic also caters for an extra area beyond the waiting area near the entrance as a VIP lounge, a spacious area with plush seating, allowing for a comfortable and relaxing waiting or resting area for valued patrons. Moving on to one of the consultation rooms, we see a no-frills, professional area with appropriate furnishings of whites, neutrals and browns befitting the purpose of the room. The spa rooms, however, allows for a more lavish and rich approach to colours, décor and furnishings, consistent to the clinic's theme of reds and browns. Wooden panelled furnishings and blinds as well as wallpapers with images of roses and floral themed fabrics create a natural, resort-like setting with a calm and relaxing ambience. Flowers, plants, pebbles and candles add a finishing touch to the peaceful setting.


  • A wide and spacious entrance and waiting area.
  • The reception area is grand and welcoming with a striking colour theme or red, black and neutrals.
  • Neat and professional consultation rooms without the extra frills.
  • A comfortable and cosy VIP lounge and waiting area for valued patrons.
  • The spa rooms adhere to the red colour them with a classy rose motif wallpaper.
  • The VIP spa room is lavish yet relaxing haven with a resort-like décor of roses, flowers and wooden panelled furnishing and blinds.
  • Flowers, plants, pebbles and candles are little details that add a finishing touch to a calm and soothing spa experience.

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