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House Type Condominium
Design Concept Retro
Area Size 1,000 sqft
Renovation Cost $28,000
Renovation Duration 4 weeks


A warm, relaxed and comfortable look creating an ambience of an old European or western estate or manor is the trademark of any Old World Style interior design.

Using various earthy colors, floral prints, tapestry patterns, wooden floorings along with rustic heavy furniture pieces, the warm rustic inviting atmosphere is being further accentuated. Cream colour is used dominantly in this home to provide a base for the matching coloured furniture and decoratives. The use of fabric and wooden furnitures along with this theme adds style and substance to the design.

Committing to the design completely, this home has achieved an eclectic or personal feel while achieving a cohesive design.


  • A hanging chandelier above the dining area brings about a touch of elegance in this comfy and cozy dining area.
  • Fabric textured couches and the checkered rug creates a warm and homely atmosphere which invites people to come in and sit down.
  • European designed large heavy wooden framed mirror serves as both a work of art and part of the design element in this home.
  • Warm, relaxing and comfortable feelings are being concentrated in this room using earth toned colour theme, tapestry patterned wallpaper together with wooden rustic furniture.
  • An old oval round mirror above a metal tap basin is the perfect example of an Old World Style design washroom.
  • Bright floral pattern and colours adds spunk and playfulness admist the calm and relaxing atmosphere of this home.