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Modern Vintage

House Type 4 Room Standard Flat
Design Concept Modern Vintage
Area Size 92 meter sq
Renovation Cost S28,000
Renovation Duration 4 weeks


A standard 4-room flat is converted into a classy and spacious home, which was the perfect living space for a young couple. The concept of the design is modern and elegant with a warm and cosy touch of vintage appeal. The living room is clean and spacious with simple and sleek furniture. The unique wooden coffee table and textured rug provides an interesting touch. The living area flows easily into the dining area which is an eye-catching showcase itself, featuring modern yet elegant black and white furniture with wooden accents and floral decor and a backdrop of white and mirrored panelled walls. This interesting and artistic backdrop for the dining area is completed with beautiful hanging lights – a great space for entertaining the occasional guest or even for a romantic home-cooked dinner for two. The kitchen area is practical and the way it should be – limited space is smartly utilised to keep the area neat, spacious and functional. The master bedroom and study room utilises a vintage-style light coloured wooden panel flooring, adding a soft, cosy vibe and rustic touch. The design of the master bedroom is kept minimal without additional fuss or frills, creating the perfect environment to rest and relax in. Simple does not mean boring in this case, with the one-of-a-kind headboard, bedding, lighting and soft, romantic drapey curtains. The study room is a calm and cosy area to get some work done or to relax with a book, with a sitting area beside the window. This is a lovely home that will bring joy to the inhabitants and compliments from guests.


  • Spacious and classy living area with a gorgeous 'centrepiece' dining area perfect for entertaining guests.
  • The neat and spacious kitchen is clean, practical and functional.
  • Cosy and romantic master bedroom with a one-of –a-kind headboard, bedding, lighting and soft drapey curtains.
  • Cosy and calm study room with rustic wooden panel flooring and a sitting area beside the window.