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Project Zen

House Type Retail Shop
Design Concept Modern Contemporary
Area Size 350 sq.ft.
Renovation Cost S$32,000.00
Renovation Duration 2 Weeks


The client is a hair salon that needed to maximize the use of limited space, to effectively convert the available floor space into a comfortable experience for its valued patrons. Contrary to the common belief that dark colours and limited spaces are not a good combination, the designers are able create an elegant and modern interior with smart usage of positioning and mirrors.

Mirrors are an essential component and crucial tool for all hair salons and in this case, mirrors line three of the four walls of the salon, in strategically staggered panels, serving a dual purpose of creating the illusion of a wider space and adding depth to the salon.

Rather than the usual stark and often simplistic décor used for salons, the designers opted for rich and elegant shades of purple, gold and a deep brown which exudes a decadent yet peaceful and cosy ambience; enhancing a sense of relaxation and personal indulgence for the customer. The variety of contrasting textures from the soft billowy curtains, smooth mirrors and textured wood panels adds a chic and interesting touch to the space.

Harsh, overly clinical lighting is avoided, utilizing softer studio lights instead, drawing the remaining illumination from alternative sources such as the product showcase shelf, the wall-mounted LCD monitor and the well-lit washing bay. Another smart use of illumination is highlighted by the brightly lit product display shelf near the reception, boldly outlined by the deep brown wood panels, showcasing the products in the best light.

The final result is a luxurious and memorable spacial experience where unexpected elements work in harmony contrary to conventional expectations.


  • Smart use of lighting illumination the space in the best possible way.
  • Elephant shades of purple, gold and deep brown with an interesting contrast of textures created a decadent and peaceful ambience.
  • Effective use of minors to create an illusion of a wider space and depth.


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