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White Water

House Type Condominium
Design Concept Modern Dramatic
Area Size 1300 sqft
Renovation Cost $50K
Renovation Duration 6 Weeks


What would ultimately make a home interesting? Is it the uniqueness? The artistry? The subtle hints at the homeowners personalities? If so, then this White Water Condo unit has every component of an interesting home in the bag. The living room is not just your typical condo unit living room – it has spunk. Lots of it. Note the interesting feature wall used, the L-shaped sofa and the neutral curtains and matte flooring. Separately, these factors are plain and dull, but the way the designer mixed them together showcased an air or eclectic artistic quality. The same colour scheme is used for the spacious and functionally-designed kitchen.

Most Singaporeans seek a vacation once in a while to get away from the fast-paced lifestyle and relax in a soothing environment. With this master bedroom, you will not have to go anywhere else. Space, luxury, ambient lighting and refined, the master bedroom is the perfect hideaway. The large bed, asymmetrical wall lines and transparent partition reflects the homeowners\' quirky preferences as well. The bathroom is enclosed purely by see-through glass. To block a bit of the bathroom view, the TV console was mounted along one of the glass panels.


  • Using an L-shaped sofa for smaller living rooms opens up the space.
  • Display shelves and tables showcase the homeowners' prized possessions.
  • The kitchen is large, easy to maintain and is designed to be fully functional.
  • To say that the master bedroom is spacious and luxurious is an understatement.
  • Glass partitions are used for thetoilet, making the area seem like an aquarium.