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Space-Enhancing Artistry

House Type 4 Bedroom Condo
Design Concept Morden Classic
Area Size N.A
Renovation Cost N.A
Renovation Duration N.A


The designer made the most out of the homeowners space, making it look more elegant and larger than life by using a witty combination of whites and design elements. To maximize the living room, the designer opted for white on white. White walls, white cabinets and a comfortable white sofa were used to create a pristine, fresh look. An elegant gray marble center table broke the white monotony. Large decorative cabinets and shelves were used to conceal some knick-knacks, while keeping the area well-organized.

The dining area is kept tidy and simple. The small wooden dining table adds an old country charm while the display cabinet showcases the homeowners' favorite collections. Instead of the customary wooden shelves, the designer opted for something fresh and different: glass shelves, whose aesthetic impact makes up for their lesser durability.


  • White on white works wonders for this living room, giving it a classy, cosy atmosphere.
  • Wooden shelves display the homeowners' favorite art pieces.
  • This display cabinet also doubles as storage, keeping the clutter in check.
  • Shelves keep things organized, but glass shelves keep things organized the prettier way.