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Classic Brilliance

House Type Showroom
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 1700 sq.ft.
Renovation Cost S$ N.A
Renovation Duration 3 Weeks


The homeowners wanted a home that is a true reflection of who they are, not just a home that looks like any other. Hence, the designers whipped up a luxurious residence to reflect the homeowners' elegant taste. The living and dining area are both modern and classic with the heavy drapes, wooden floor and soft, subtle lighting. A gold-tinted mirror serves to enhance space while adding to the allure of the living area.

The kitchen is kept smooth and clean. Furnishings are kept modern by using polished steel and glossy finish. Meanwhile, ample space is provided for to allow the homeowners to move freely about as they prepare their meals. The toilet is kept sleek and impeccable. To break the monotony of whites, the designers opted for black tiles for the floor.

Space is aptly maximised with the floor-to-ceiling shelves. Here, the homeowners can display their art collections and pieces without adding clutter to the area.


  • Mixing traditional design elements with elegant pieces create a unique, modern look.
  • Elegance comes in the guise of an intricately carved wall and sophisticated lighting fixtures.
  • To keep the kitchen easy to clean and maintain, the designers opted for glossy surfaces and dark flooring.
  • Wooden panels set horizontally creates an illusion of a longer, more spacious area.
  • The shelf keeps the home free of clutter, yet allows the owners to display their collections.
  • A large bathroom mirror makes all the difference, transforming it into something more elegant.


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