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Medieval, Revisited

House Type Condo
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 1200sq.ft.
Renovation Cost S$65,500
Renovation Duration 5 Weeks


ZQ Studio once again unveils its creative prowess with this ultra-modern, yet distinct home. Acute angles, unique materials and smart optical illusions mark the irresistible charm of this apartment. Shades of grey and plush dark rugs bring a bit of rustic, medieval appeal. Strong lines against pristine white tones ooze slick ingenuity.

The living room is a grey-and-white wonderland. Space is cleverly used and windows are exquisitely designed to shift the emphasis of the room from cosy grey to bright white. The luxurious sofa is subtly accentuated by the pearly attractiveness of the living room’s light fixture.

It is astounding how the designers made up the kitchen. Grey is hardly considered drab with the intricate wall patterns used to glaze the cabinets and walls. The floor tiles are kept dark for easy maintenance. To add a dash of brightness to the room, white is used on one of the walls and on the countertops.

Meanwhile, the bedroom exudes a charm reminiscent of classic five-star establishments. The city chic vibe with modern appeal is softened by the adroit lighting and framed picture. The bed is plush and ultra-comfortable. Who would not have a good night’s sleep in this?


  • Grey need not be drab, as the designers prove through these dark walls and plush rug.
  • As the homeowners prioritize easy maintenance above all else, the design was kept simple, yet remarkably elegant.
  • Each piece of furniture in this bedroom was carefully selected to complement its overall modern, yet cosy theme.