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Functional Aesthetics

House Type HDB
Design Concept Minimalist
Area Size 750 sq.ft.
Renovation Cost S$38,800
Renovation Duration 4 Weeks


The relatively limited space can look sophisticated and bigger with the clever use of design elements. In this apartment, beige and white tones keep the palette clean and uncluttered. The wide windows allow for an immense influx of light and therefore creating a wider, larger-than-life look. Long horizontal lines on the wooden feature wall optically widen the size of the living room. Three of the homeowners' favourite images were sparsely hung to create an identity uniquely their own.

The bar, which also serves as a breakfast nook, is a lovely addition to the functionality of the kitchen. To keep the look modern and clean, easy-to-clean tiles and glossy countertops were used. Cabinets made of wood were added to create a homey ambience, giving the homeowners a relaxing cooking and dining experience.

In the bedroom, the designers' creativity is manifested in the asymmetrical lines used on the headboard and discreet use of lighting. To enhance the space, wide mirrors are used. To complete the clean, uncluttered look, light shades in beige and whites are used throughout the bedroom.


  • A clean, uncluttered look is key for the living room, creating a casual, relaxing spot.
  • The kitchen allows the homeowners ample cooking space without compromising functionality.
  • Light hues, subtle lighting and wooden flooring add up to create a modern feel for the bedroom.