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BLk 116C River Vale Drive

House Type 4-Room HDB
Design Concept
Area Size 900 sq.ft.
Renovation Cost S$56,000
Renovation Duration 6 weeks


The approach to designing this home is very simple, clean, neat, and easy to maintain. Having these 3 details in mind, the designer has managed to incorporate a mordern classy feel to this home through the use of different colour themes and furnitures.

Upon entering, one would be amazed at how spacious the living area is. This is achieved by the use of mirrors on the feature wall and strategically placed furnitures. Beige and white is being used in the living and dining area to create a warm and relaxing aura, welcoming anyone who enters.

The kitchen is not only spacious and elegant but fully functional. Glass tabletops and walls are used for easy clean up and maintenence. Black and white colour theme matches perfectly with the metalic coloured cookery and appliances and provides contrast to the living area at the same time.

Bedrooms are warm relaxing and clutter free. Using similar colour themes as the living and dining area, a personal feel is being acheived but yet maintaining a cohesive design with the whole unit.


  • Warm ceiling lights directs and leads the way for whoever enters the home into the living area.
  • The built in altar not only saves space but also doesn't stand out in this modern designed living area.
  • Bold gold coloured ceiling to floor drapes brings a touch of class and elegance to this home.
  • Neat, cluster free but yet fully functional, this kitchen is a dream for any home cook to work in.
  • Instead of having the mirrors in the wardrobe, mirrors are placed on the toilet door to visually expand the masterbed room, creating an illusion of added space.
  • The television is mounted in the wardrobe saving space, giving the home owners adequate space and freedom to move around.
  • A black and white toilet provides a santuary for a calm and relaxing bath.