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Sensual Decadence

House Type 3 Bedroom Condominium
Design Concept Modern Tropical
Area Size 1,300 sqft
Renovation Cost S$50,000
Renovation Duration 6 Weeks


The deep red coloring and the mahogany wood furniture sweeps through the entire home like an artist’s brush, creating a rich, decadent atmosphere throughout the home. The luxurious color, textures and materials work together to create a rich composition. Motivated by the owner’s request for a spa-like home, the team at Ciseern created a comfortable, indulgent home with their choice of bold colors. The spicy salsa red color dims into a sensual, wine red when the curtains are drawn, allowing the mood of the home to soften at night.


  • The red, leather sofa in the main living room gives the home an aura of excitement.
  • The cushioned walls provide both comfort and decadence in this beautiful dining area.
  • The mirrors at the end of the hallway enhance the overall visual space of the home.
  • Lights are strategically placed to bring graceful and tasteful lighting around the home.
  • Light emanates from under the bed and levitates the bed visually, giving it a sense of lightness amidst the lavish red colors.

FREE 32-inch LCD TV

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