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Urban Warmth

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This fabulous home oozes a warm lived-in feel. Cosy elegance and an open concept dominate its interior design. Hard-edged spaces melt into softer hues with the apt selection of furnishings and accessories. The warmth of brown pay homage to a sultry climate that adds to this home's overall balmy atmosphere.

The living room is made more spacious with the use of an enormous mirror that also magnifies the area’s brightness. To make the transition from the living area to the dining area to flow freely, the designers used the same modern motif, yet with an interesting twist. Ultra-modern does it for the dining area with its transparent, light-on-the-eyes dining table and chairs.

The bedroom is as warm as the rest of the house. Supple wallpaper nearly takes away the attention from the large bay windows and hardwood flooring


  • Undeniably, the curtain patterns and subtle wallpaper complement each other, effectively magnifying the area's cosy feel.
  • They bay window is turned into a romantic nook with its plush carpeting and soft pillows.
  • A testament to the elegance of glass. With the right accents, this dining set promises a cosy dining experience.
  • Space is carefully utilized to its fullest in this bright, pristine study.
  • The bold patterns and shades of this modern bedroom only make it more appealing, and more comforting to behold.