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Zen Inspiration

House Type Landed House
Design Concept Modern and Cosy
Area Size 4,000 sqft
Renovation Cost S$ 200,000.00
Renovation Duration 8 weeks


Regardless of the evolving trends, the fact remains that the living area sets the theme for most of the home. It is the best reflection of the owner’s character and style. A glance at this living room gives you a clue that the owners are fairly conservative – judging by their choice of modern, uncomplicated space suitable for entertaining casual or corporate guests. The exterior of this attractive abode is still majorly modern, although made more Zen-inspired and tranquil with the addition of the mosaic pool and the polished stone pillars.

Yet, despite the fuss-free sophistication, the designers still managed to pepper the home with artistic touches such as the three-wheeled carriage by the stairs and the strategically placed greens.

The bedrooms are rich with the dwellers’ individual personalities. One bedroom is a black and white haven, with zebra-print rugs and wall-to-wall cabinets. Another is more simplistic, reflecting the owner of the bedroom’s straightforward preference and taste. The third one is a daintier, more feminine and replete with hues of peaches and pink – only a girl would desire a bedroom such as that.


  • The mosaic-tiled pool, the scores of plants and the spacious patio sets the stage for a relaxing after-office or weekend time.
  • Despite its pristine grandeur, this living room still exudes a lounge appeal and ambience that is so oh-so-cosy.
  • The carriage adds a peculiar appeal to the long wooden staircase.
  • The study is open and breezy -- the perfect ambience to stimulate creative thinking.
  • A zebra-print rug and black and white motif portrays the dweller's straightforward, yet fun personality.
  • This is a perfect example of making the most out of a floor space without compromising comfort.
  • Made sweet and femme with the touches of pink, this bedroom astutely reflects the room owner's character.
  • The bathroom has a stylish, modern appeal while still being fully functional.
  • You just gotta love how the designers artfully used glass to create a partition, without reducing space.