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Ciseern by Designer Furnishings was founded by Dean Lim and Kenneth Tay in 1997. Staying true to their motto of "A Trusted Expression", Ciseern is a trusted partner that maximizes the potential of every home. Ciseern's designs infuse a breath of life into homes. Hence, Ciseern's promise is to breathe life into homes and trust in relationships. Ciseern is dedicated to providing the perfect solution for every need, whether in space planning, design consultancy, interior design, home styling, decoration, architecture, renovation or construction. Ciseern strives to deliver superior quality and workmanship, and going out of their way with personalized service. With memories and moments to cherish, a home is what Ciseern celebrates.


To be recognized as the leading design and build specialist, that is sought after for its creative and holistic expression of the living space.


A 2-year warranty from the after-sales service department will offer you the assurance and security needed in an interior design company.


License/ Certificate HDB Case Trust RADAC RCMA BCA
Awards / Credentials
  • Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2008 - Promising Brand
  • Prestigious Spirit of Enterprise 2005 Winner
  • Appointed Designer for Jeanette Aw's Celebrity Dream Home 2005
  • Appointed Designer for Felicia Chin's Celebrity Dream Home 2006
  • Appointed Designer for Fiona Xie's Celebrity Dream Home 2007
  • Appointed Designer for Joanne Peh's Celebrity Dream Home 2008
  • Appointed Designer for Jessica Liu's Celebrity Dream Home 2009
  • Appointed Designer for Ann Kok's Celebrity Dream Home 2010
  • Nippon Paint Designers of Choice
  • No.1 Choice in Singapore Lookbox Magazine from 2005-2012
Warranty / After Sales Service 2 years
Establishment Established since 1997
Address 17B Kaki Bukit Road 3, East Point Terrace, Singapore 415882.

FREE 32-inch LCD TV

Terms & Conditions: Exclusive to iCompare Users; For Contract Value worth S$8,000 and above


Classic Savoir Faire

House Type Official Exhibition Showflat
Design Concept English Colonial
Area Size 1,550 sqft
Renovation Cost N/A
Renovation Duration N/A
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Aggrandized Elegance

House Type Studio Apartment
Design Concept Modern Contemporary
Area Size 441 sqft
Renovation Cost S$66,000
Renovation Duration 4 Weeks
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Sensual Decadence

House Type 3 Bedroom Condominium
Design Concept Modern Tropical
Area Size 1,300 sqft
Renovation Cost S$50,000
Renovation Duration 6 Weeks
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Simplistic splendor

House Type Contemporary
Design Concept 3 Bedrooms Duplex Condominium
Area Size 2,185 sqft
Renovation Cost S$70,000
Renovation Duration 6 Weeks
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Exquisite Functionality

House Type Bungalow
Design Concept Modern Contemporary
Area Size 4000 sqft (Built-in)
Renovation Cost S$800,000
Renovation Duration 9 Months
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