STWO Design

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STWO Design provides interior design solutions for residential and commercial projects that meet more than the usual expectations. The name STWO stands for two S’s: SPACE and SCAPE. They explore themes and concepts for all interior SPACEs including retail, offices, houses, entertainment and beauty. They also provide landSCAPE services for home gardens and outdoor terraces.

STWO is a newly-formed group of professionally-trained design consultants and dedicated workers. Their aim is to provide fresh new ideas and great workmanship. They also want to provide good designs for their clients, while working within their budget and time schedules.


To be a one-stop service provider for customers when it comes to design consultancy services and supervision of renovation works to give a remarkable and impressive design space.


STWO Design’s passion to exceed expectations compensates tenfold for their number of years in the industry.


Warranty / Sales Service After 1 year warranty for wear/tear
Lifetime warranty for after sales service
Establishment Since 2008
Address No.8 Ubi Road 2 #07-08, Zervex Singapore 408538

Special Deals

$500 worth of home accessories and decorations exclusive for iCompare


Modern Exuberance

House Type Retail Shop (Talk and Play)
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 500 sqft
Renovation Cost S$31,000
Renovation Duration 2 weeks
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Contemporary Candor

House Type Retail (Elitrend)
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 500 sqft
Renovation Cost S$26,000
Renovation Duration 3 weeks
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Contemporary Miscellany

House Type Residential
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 1,400 sqft
Renovation Cost S$65,000
Renovation Duration 5 weeks
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